Hi there! Well my life story in a nutshell is that I grew up on cattle ranch in the middle of nowhere Florida. I started drawin when I was 5 and just didnt stop.  I discovered comics and anime during middle school and high school. Tenchi Muyo, Outlaw Star, and Inuyasha to name a few.  That had a heavy influence on my art all throughout college, where I got my degree in animation.  I’ve been doing all kinds of art related jobs since graduation.  I’ve done caricatures, graphic design for T-shirts, and alot of retouch for lifetouch.  Now I’m a photographer for them full time.  My spouse and I are converting a bus to live in and travel more for the company.  We also wanted a way we can pay our loans without having to break the bank.

How Shurale came about.

Last year I started an experiment that I thought was just a phase, seeing as how I had never created a serious comic.  I’ve tried before and I stopped because my heart wasn’t in it.  One weird mythology creature and several days of studying what I could find on him later, Shurale was started.  I honestly thought it was a flop, but I posted anyway.  Over the course of the year I gained a small following and now I’ve got a real comic site up.  Funny how those things work out…Either way I plan to keep Shurale around for a long time. 

Personal Stuff

I like matcha, and different types of hot teas. Anime and Comics.  Game of Thrones is a fav. I like adventure time too.  Other than that I eat sleep and breath art. If I’m not watching tv or with my spouse, or working, I am on the computer drawing my guts out.  Oh I love fantasy creatures and fairies.  I have a special love wood goblins, they’re pretty cool.