Hey, Shurale fans!
So after nearly 2 months off. I’ve settled into a new job and a decent schedule! So here’s the down low.

Exciting news! I’m updating Shurale Fairytales again! Updates dates are every Monday from here on out.

To answer polls I’m scheduling streams every night at 9 pm and go till 11 pm since I have work. I’ll either be painting or sketching/inking/coloring comic pages. Commissions are always open and available to be streamed. You can find instructions on how to commission me in one of the panels on my Picarto page.
You can find me here.  Speaking of commissions I’ve got a new one in mind I’d like to try.  Keep your eyes pealed for poll about it!
I’ll post status updates for those of you who could use it.
Shurale is still up for grabs on Gumroad.
For those of you new fans that have walked in. Shurale Gumroad will be posted with 12 new pages updated at the first of every month for $3.50.
Which is here.